The benefits of attending a virtual conference over an in-person conference are obvious. 

•    You still get all the amazing information and insights from speakers
•    You reduce the time and financial commitments required to attend these events
•    And you can attend the entire conference whilst in your pyjamas!

Plus… here are some extra benefits to keep in mind. 
You don’t have to choose between sessions: With the 2020 ACC Asia-Pacific Digital Conference, you don’t have to choose between concurrent sessions because you’ll have access to the content on-demand. 

Connect with people around the world in real-time: This event will attract people from around the world in real-time. Face-to-face you listen to speakers and meet interesting people in the coffee line but online you can actually interact in really deep ways with one another.

The ability to talk during presentations: When you’re at an in-person event you sit quietly, listening to the speaker (or, if you’re bored, you zone out and check those emails). With virtual conferences you have the ability to chat in real-time with other attendees, share insights and ah-ha moments, and in many cases interact with the speakers to get more value. This synchronous interactivity isn’t easily possible in face-to-face events, as you can’t have 100 people talking at the same time. In virtual events you can.

Make the most of your ACC Asia-Pacific Digital Meeting experience

  1. Treat the digital conference as you would an in-person conference with respect to your calendar and task load. Prioritise the time to be truly present in the experience, engage with the sessions and presenters, and use the chat and other networking tools regularly to connect with other attendees.
  2. Minimise distractions: When you’re watching alone, it’s easy to “multi-task” and get distracted. Instead, try to reduce notifications, grab a notepad, and get ready to start learning!  
  3. Block off time in your day to attend. Attending live has huge benefits like interacting with other attendees and having your questions answered directly by the speaker. Plus, if you don’t block out time to attend, you may miss the entire conference.

Remember, if you want to get the most out of any event, engage in the opportunity as deeply as you can to get as much meaning as possible. Remote events offer chances for distraction, but also for complete focus and comfort. Plus, remote events tend to offer much better coffee!

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