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When the Honey Runs Out: Strategies for Combating Consumer Class Action Suits

By Matthew R. Dornauer, Thomas P. Hanrahan and Laura L. Richardson

When it comes to defending a consumer class action suit — for deceptive promotion or false advertising — is expensive settlement the best option? Scores of companies have chosen this course, but another solution that does not involve extensive discovery and lengthy motions exists.

China: Which Third Parties Present the Greatest Compliance Risk?

By Dennis Haist

Companies with a presence in China must conduct third-party due diligence to ensure that their intermediaries do not have a history of violating Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption (ABAC) regulations, and to understand their reputation and connections with Chinese government officials.


Work-life Balance — Who Really Has It All?

By Laurie Adamson

Regardless of practice or industry, the demands of a highly connected, global work environment often require around-the-clock connectivity. When it comes to balancing, which generation gets it right? Who really has it all?


The Perils of Public Wi-Fi

By Joshua H. Shields

According to a recent F-Secure experiment, not reading the terms and conditions of free Wi-Fi is a bad idea. Wi-Fi users transmit all sorts of data, and providers can collect that data and sell it.

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