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When Employment Ends: Updates on Entitlements and Claims in Asian Jurisdictions

By Grant Spooner and George Cooper

As an employer, when it comes to termination entitlements and claims, which jurisdiction in Asia is most favorable? This article provides an in-depth comparison of three countries: Singapore, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Indonesia.

When We Say “Work-Life Balance,” What Do We Really Mean?

By Laurie Adamson

Work-life balance is a ubiquitous, buzzword term — its meaning obfuscated by its over-use. At its core, the term describes a work environment that values employees, one that encourage workers to avoid commutes that create stress and strain and instead, foster the connection and peace that comes from spending time with family and friends, and engaging in leisure activities.


Doing It Better: Legal Operations


In 2001, Google hired its first lawyer, David Drummond, who remains its chief legal officer in addition to being a senior vice president for corporate development. In 2008, Google hired Mary O'Carroll as its first head of legal operations, technology and strategy to help Drummond's ever-expanding legal department cope with the organizational challenges of scale and how those challenges have evolved over time.


Can Fashion and Faith Coexist?

By By Joshua Shields

The US Supreme Court will decide whether an employer can be held liable for refusing to hire an applicant or discharging an employee based on a "religious observance or practice" only if the employer has actual knowledge that a religious accommodation was required and the employer's actual knowledge resulted from direct, explicit notice from the applicant or employee.

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