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Growth in China’s Outbound Investment Brings Chances and Challenges


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Sign Here: Electronic Signatures and the In-house Counsel

By Rachel Stoermer

There are numerous electronic signature tools available that enable your executives to sign from their laptop or mobile device, from anywhere they can connect to the Internet.

A Law Lesson from Harry Potter

By Orijit Das

Would we have been better off going to Hogwart's (the School of Magic and Wizardry) rather than the Law School? Could an Albus Dumbledore-equivalent have equipped us better had we been taught Defense Against the Dark Art or Prophecies, rather than three courses of constitutional law or two courses of administration law?


Series Launch: 7-Eleven's Law Firm Convergence Program

By Lillian Moyano Yob

Discover how and why converging to a panel of preferred providers was a good idea for 7-Eleven.


Doing it Better: Contracts


As a leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, VMware has enjoyed geometric growth and now reports more than $5.21 billion in revenue from 500,000 customers across the globe. Proportional expansion of the legal department to satisfy surging demand would have been impractical. Instead, General Counsel Dawn Smith created a Worldwide Legal Operations group and empowered its leader, Deputy General Counsel Aine Lyons, to embark on a three-year transformational strategy to meet the challenges of scale.

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