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The Canons of Business Ethics

By James A. Nortz

Decades of research point to the superior financial performance of corporations that sustain strong ethical cultures. But what exactly does doing the “right” thing entail? Learn the essential elements of an ethical business decision.

Don’t Get Too Excited for the Second Phase of Canada’s Anti-Spam Law

By Joshua H. Shields

On Jan. 15, 2015, the second stage of Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL) went into effect. If it is anything like the first phase of the law, be prepared for a disruptive, confusing and unproductive regulation that will not yield the desired results.


Unclutter Your Inbox: A Straightforward Approach to Managing Email

By D. Casey Flaherty

Too much email? The sheer volume is a distraction. Here is a system to reduce the volume of email received, triage the remainder, and eliminate much of the unnecessary waste associated with a full inbox. It is a system, not magic. It will require some effort. But it will be worth it. The system has two components. Though they are complements, either alone should prove useful in improving your Outlook.


An Interview with John Mountain, NEI Investments, Canada


A conversation with John Mountain, SVP Legal, COO & Corporate Secretary of NEI Investments.

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