Check out all the reasons why you should attend the 2022 ACC Xchange, April 6-8, in Chicago, IL, USA!

Collaboration + Innovation + Leadership

Without a doubt, CLOs want to see their team members demonstrate the ability, know-how, and wherewithal to collaborate, innovate, and lead their legal departments - the subject matter that is at the very heart of the Xchange program. 

Distinguished speaker and 2021 ACC Member of the Year, LaTanya Langley, VP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, BIC, has collected particularly poignant "words of wisdom" from her fellow CLOs:

Words of wisdom from CLO to CLO: Leadership Lessons Keynote. People want to hear from leaders. Leaders need to listen. We are all still learning. Learn the importance of mental health. Ask people "Are you OK?" and support them. Dial up invisibility and engagement. Maintain values & consistency but set broad parameters and guardrails. Be approachable. Be intentional with inclusion, especially while remote. Connect externally on how to navigate these unique challenges. Differentiate between one-way door decis
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These "words of wisdom" were collected during a 2021 ACC Annual Meeting keynote session - CLO to CLO: Leadership Lessons from a Year+ of Crisis


No other substantive legal program brings together the cross-section of the modern legal department that the Xchange does. The purpose of the Xchange is just that - to bring together law department leaders and operations professionals to exchange best practices, experiences, ideas, knowledge, practical resources, etc. The Xchange fosters a community of like-minded, similarly goal-oriented peers from different groups within the legal department that have historically been siloed.

Learning by Doing

At the Xchange, you won't just listen in while presenters discuss the concepts of how to lead collaboration and innovation with your legal department, but rather you will learn those skills by doing the work. The Xchange is your opportunity to fully engage in hands-on, highly practical education sessions. What does that mean? Here are some examples of what learning by doing can look like at the Xchange:

  • Roundtable discussions during which participants gather in an informal setting to engage in discussion while examining an issue or set of issues
  • Solutioning sessions in which participants are split into small groups wherein each group member takes a turn presenting their problem to be brainstormed by the group in timed cycles
  • Workshops, which are hands-on exercises designed to teach participants practical skills, techniques, and/or ideas they can then use in their work and/or daily lives. 

While this list is by no means exhaustive, it is meant to give you a concrete understanding as to exactly what we mean when we say the Xchange is specifically designed to offer opportunities for hands-on learning and networking amongst participants, along with the all-important practical takeaways.

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