Meeting Feedback

Thank you for attending the 2016 ACC Annual Meeting. We appreciate your feedback and will use it to make next year's meeting even better.

Overall Meeting Feedback


Individual Session Feedback:

Monday, October 17

9:00-10:30 AM

101 - Chair's Choice Program: Lessons Learned from Major M&A Transactions 

102 - Negotiating Sponsorship and Endorsement Agreements

103 - Personalizing the Corporate Client: Reversing the Reptilian Theory in High-stakes Litigation

104 - SEC Update

105 - Managing an International Reduction in Force

106 – Third-party Risk: Creating an Effective Information Security and Data Privacy Assessment Program for Third-party Vendors

107 – Law Department as Profit Center: Strategies for Going From Cost Center to Revenue Generator

108 - Trademark Best Practices

109 - The Most Common Mistakes in Conducting Global Ethics and Compliance Investigations

110 - Managing Emerging Technology in Healthcare

111 - Current Challenges in the Boardroom — From the Director's Perspective

11:00 AM-12:30 PM

201 - Value Champion Series: Innovative Collaboration Models in Procurement, Contracting and Discovery  

202 - Advanced Case Studies in Large-scale Contract Remediation

203 - Third-party Litigation Financing

204 - Crossing Borders: Understanding Director and Officer Rights and Liabilities  

205 - Effective Compliance Training

206 – Safe Harbor’s Rocky Shoals: Implementing GDPR, Alternatives to the Safe Harbor Scheme, and Recent Privacy Developments in the EU

207 – Beyond the Playbook: Assessing and Implementing Tools and Processes to Efficiently Provide Information When You and Your Clients Need It

208 - Preparing for and Surviving a Software Audit  

209 - Who’s the Regulator in the Room? Roundtable Discussion with US DOJ, SEC & CFPB on Regulations of Kickbacks, Money Laundering, and Financial Services  

210 - Crossing the Line: How to Manage Privacy Programs in the US and Canada

211 - The New Digital Normal: Managing and Addressing Compliance in an Ever-changing Digital Landscape

2:30-4:00 PM

301 - Value Champion Series: Applying Value Strategies in M&A, Restructuring, and Other Big Transformations  

302 - Cross-border Transactions: A Comparison of Critical Deal Terms  

303 - Supportable Frameworks for Financial Damages Valuations  

304 - Operating Abroad: A Primer for US Nonprofit Operations Overseas

305 – Congratulations on Your Corporate Transaction … Now What?

306 – Getting the Board on Board: Explaining Privacy and Security Risks to the Board (For When the “If” Becomes “When”)

307 - Culture Wars: Strategies, Tactics, and Techniques for Managing Legal Operations Engagement on a Global Scale 

308 - IP Assets on the Offensive: Arming Your IP for Corporate Strategic Battles  

309 - Allocating Risk for Your Company: Playing the Feud  

310 - From Foe to Friend: Healthcare Consolidation and Evolving Alliances Between Payors and Providers  

311 - Supreme Court Issues and Cases Update

4:30-6:00 PM

401 - Value Champion Series: Joining the Business Side in Driving Value to the Bottom Line  

402 - Advanced Commercial Lease Negotiation Workshop  

403 - Bring Your A-Game: Offensive Legal and Crisis Management Strategies for the In-house Counsel in High-profile and Class-action Litigation Defense

404 – Is that what “VAT” means?! Introduction to International Tax Issues – What In-house Lawyers Need to Know

405 - OSHA: Hang on to Your Pocketbooks and Wallets  

406 - Dealing with Cross-border Issues in the Borderless Internet World: Preventing and Mitigating the Consequences of Cyber-attacks

407 – Raising the Bar for Law Firms: How to Move Outside Counsel Into Integrating and Delivering Managed Services

408 - Navigating US Government Contracting From an IP Perspective  

409 - Industry-specific Compliance Roundtables: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial Services, IT, and Import/Export  

410 - I Care, You Care, We All Care About Medicare: A Year in the Mirror and Through the Looking Glass  

411 - From Body Art to Unisex Bathrooms: Changing Workplaces, Changing Employment Laws

Tuesday, October 18

9:00-10:30 AM

501 - Multijurisdictional and Virtual Practice Revisited: Ethics, Techniques, and Developments in the Field  

502 - Ethical Issues in Negotiating Contracts  

503 - Developing a Multijurisdictional Strategy for Protecting Attorney-Client Privilege  

504 - The Future of Individual Liability for Corporate Misconduct  

505 - Insider Threats: Who Is Watching Your Employees?  

506 - The Emerging Law of Data Ethics: IG Perspectives

507 – A Leader’s Guide to Delegating Legal Work: Stratifying Legal Services and Expanding the Role of Non-Lawyers in Your Department

508 - Protecting Trade Secrets With a Remote or Mobile Workforce 

509 - Advanced Corporate Conflicts of Interest  

510 - Full Throttle: Cruising Through the Twists and Turns of Transportation Fuels  

511 - Going Global: A Direct-to-Consumer Global Market Expansion Primer

11:00 AM-12:30 PM

601 - If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them! How to Make Disruptive Technology Work For You  

602 - Risky Business: Identifying and Managing the Common Risks in Your Contracts  

603 - Litigation Procedure: Discovery Strategies and Best Practices, Federal Rules Changes, and Managing the Cost of Discovery  

604 - Bankruptcy: Advanced Skills for In-house Attorneys

605 – Vacation, PTO, Paid Sick Leave, Unlimited Time Off – Use it Without Abusing It!

606 - Building a Business Case for an Information Governance Program

607 – “Cultural I”: Emotional and Ethical Intelligence in International Negotiations

608 - Enforcing Intellectual Property: How to Address Infringers, Unauthorized Distributors, and Counterfeiters in the International Online Marketplace  

609 - Compliance for the Small Law Department  

610 - Cool Tools for Power Rules: Modern Methods for Ensuring Compliance With Energy Regulations  

611 - Game of Skill or Game of Chance? Fantasy Sports Under the Legal Microscope

2:30-4:00 PM

701 - Chief Legal Officers on the Intersection of Pro Bono and Corporate Social Responsibility

702 – Smart Contracting

703 - Law Firm Data Security: What In-house Counsel Need to Know

704 – Major Legal Issues in Managing International Subsidiaries

705 - Affiliated Company Liability: The Expanding Definition of “Employer” and the Increasing Disregard of Corporate Separateness 

706 - Leveraging Analytics: Lawyering in the Information Age  

707 - Lawyer or Leader? The Human Resources Side of Managing a Legal Department  

708 - Advanced Software and IT Licensing  

709 - Best Practices for Vendor Management and Cybersecurity  

710 - Environmental Liabilities in Transactions: Now That the Deal is Done  

711 - Crowdfunding and Real Estate

4:30-6:00 PM
801 – The In-house Counsel’s Bottom Line — Running Your Law Department Like a Business Owner

802 - Contracting With a University: From Research and Development to Joint Advocacy  

803 - Penalty: Holding on the Offense! Everything You Need to Know About Legal Holds  

804 - Whistleblower Policies: Update  

805 - Employment Law Update  

806 - Defensible Deletion: The Holy Grail of Information Governance  

807 - Getting Lean and Mean: Transforming Legal Operations  

808 - Intellectual Property Monetization

809 – Investigations: Managing the Process and the Resolution

810 - Corporate Counsel’s Role in Addressing Mandatory and Voluntary Social and Environmental Disclosures  

811 - Crisis Abroad: Protecting Your Global Workforce

Wednesday, October 19

9:00-10:30 AM

901 – Ten Things to Know About the In-house Revolution Before You Start Your First General Counsel Position

902 – Preventing Litigation Through Contract Drafting Skills

903 - Managing the Arbitration Process to Reduce Costs Without Sacrificing Positive Results 

904 - Insider Trading: Global Trends  

905 - US Wage and Hour—The New Rules and the Old  

906 - Business Forecast Cloudy: Cloud Risks and Recent Developments Beyond Privacy and Security  

907 - IT: The Department You Need to Make Your Best Friend  

908 - IP From All Angles: Implications in the New Era of Patent Prosecution and Enforcement  

909 - Compliance Program Fundamentals  

910 - Business Education for In-house Counsel, Part I: Linking Financial Statements to Corporate Strategy  

911 - David vs. Goliath: How to Overcome Obstacles From All Sides in Your Supply Chain Negotiations

11:00 AM-12:30 PM

1001 - New to In-house Game Show – Legal Basics, Business Basics, and Understanding the Role of In-house Counsel  

1002 - Cognitive Biases in Negotiation: How to Play the "Brain Game"  

1003 - Maximizing Insurance and Indemnity in High-exposure Litigation  

1004 - Corporate Communications and Attorney-Client Privilege: What You Need to Know  

1005 - This Is Social Media Jeopardy!  

1006 - Recent Open Source-Case Law Developments  

1007 - Measuring the Effectiveness and Value of Your Litigation Spend  

1008 - Playing Well With Others: IP Considerations in Teaming, Joint Development, and Related Agreements

1009 – Antitrust Training for Your Sales Team

1010 - Business Education for In-house Counsel, Part II: Dynamically Assessing Company Performance

1011 - Investing in Cuba: A Primer on US Embargo Regulations and the Realities of Doing Business in Cuba