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ACC New Jersey Expands Upon its Outreach Initiatives

L ooking to the 2017-2018 year, ACC New Jersey is preparing to expand upon its membership offerings in an attempt to solidify its placement as a supportive local community under the ACC umbrella. In the coming year, the chapter hopes to develop its unique continuing legal education programs to improve its knowledge base, presenting myriad events and networking opportunities, and furthering the desire to build upon professional values — where “credits” and obligations are fulfilled, and members feel compelled to go the extra mile for others.

In addition to the ACC New Jersey annual Pro Bono Partnership that assists many nonprofits with legal advice, the chapter plans to provide more avenues to assist other groups in need. In August, the chapter hosted a family friendly build-a-back- pack event to donate 350 fully stocked backpacks to needy kindergarteners in the state. In each backpack, students will receive a beautiful new book to read, a dozen pencils, a pencil sharpener, erasers, a composition notebook, a glue stick, a bottle of glue, a box of 24 Crayola crayons, a 12-pack of Crayola markers, two pocket folders, scissors, a ruler, a spiral notebook, index cards, colored pencils, construction paper, and a pencil box.

ACC New Jersey

ACC New Jersey members pose for a photo after wrapping hardcover books for children over the holidays.

This winter, ACC New Jersey will host another family friendly event — this time to wrap hardcover books. Books are selected for boys and girls ages four to 14. Books are assorted based on the number of children and their ages in the surrounding abuse shelters in the state.

A newly added “reach out” program has been created to support New Jersey’s homeless veterans. The local veteran’s hospital has roughly 90 homeless veterans who are in need of food, toiletry items, and more. The hospital has a “wish list” and in November, the chapter plans to purchase 90 of each product.

Sponsoring these kinds of events helps the chapter feel like a tight knit community; one that feels good about paying it forward and helping others. ACC New Jersey hopes to add to our charity events to continue to help

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