Rolf Pfeiffer

Rolf Pfeiffer has a 10+ years track record of working with lawyers, predominately partners and partner candidates, in Magic Circle law firms in Europe. 

He has worked in the consulting and biotech industries prior to pivoting into executive development 15 years ago.  He has co-founded and grown a German-based leadership development firm with European reach that now works with some 100+ executive coaches; and he has been a senior associate of the Center of Creative Leadership for 11 years, working with executives and their teams across Europe, North America, the Middle East and South Africa. 

Rolf is now a managing partner of Bernotat & Cie., a leader in executive development in German-speaking Europe, part of Merryck & Co., the global executive development firm, where he and his 90+ colleagues bring top-notch development to their clients. 

Rolf holds master level degrees from TU Berlin (with a major in organisational psychology) and ESC Toulouse.  He has trained as an executive coach internationally and is certified to use a wide range of psychometric instruments.  Rolf is a fellow, Institute of Coaching (at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate) and has been a frequent contributor to the annual Coaching Colloquium at ESMT in Berlin since 2010.  He is also a member of Atlantik-Brücke, a German/US think-tank to improve transatlantic relations; and of United Europe, a European think-tank to further the ideals of a unified Europe and is the co-founder of their Young Professionals Mentoring program. 

His main areas of interest are:

•    Executive team leadership
•    Strategic thinking
•    Executive presence
•    Stakeholder engagement & management

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