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We have gathered and developed several resources and tools to help you implement practices to reconnect value and costs for legal services. There is no “one-size-fits-all” — these are just ideas that may be helpful.

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ACC Value Challenge: Facing Up to the Challenge - The Transition (Part 3)

Apr 2014 Article Download pdf
This article focuses on the different value-based approaches and what it takes to not just make them work, but thrive. It stresses the need for a true partnership to develop between in-house and ...

ACC Value Challenge: Facing Up to the Challenge - The Case for Change (Part 1)

Apr 2014 Article Download pdf
This article focuses on the end goal of implementing alternative fee arrangements ("AFAs"). Statistics show that more and more firms and in-house counsel are moving their work to some type of AFA, ...

Law School Student Paper Spotlight: New Model Law Firms And Legal Businesses That Are Built To Meet In-House Counsel Demands In The New Economy

Mar 2014 Value Practice Download pdf
ACC is pleased to encourage student scholarship by publishing this paper, authored by Sam Krause, a student in the Georgetown University Law Center course, In-House Counsel: Law and Practice, taught ...

True Leaders Employ Key Value Management Principles

Oct 2013 Article Download pdf
A study of in-house counsel performance conducted by the Australian and New Zealand corporate lawyers associations teases out the specific management practices that distinguish leading organisations ...

Meet the 2013 ACC Value Champions

Sep 2013 ACC Docket Download pdf
Meet our 2013 ACC Value Champions, a group whose exemplary leadership in implementing value initiatives to achieve outstanding results against three key metrics – reduced legal spending, improved ...

ACC Value Practice - Virtual Trial Teams - Nelson Mullins' Value-Based Staffing for Clients in Complex, High Stakes Litigation

Aug 2013 Value Practice Download pdf
This ACC Value Practice explores key issues to consider in constructing virtual trial teams. In addition, it emphasizes how value-based client service relationships, staffing options, and project ...

Outside Counsel Management & In-House Counsel Measurement

Jun 2013 Download pdf
Outside Counsel Management & In-House Counsel Measurement

Managing Change: A Preparation Workbook

May 2013 Presentation Download pdf
Implementing new pricing, management practices and technology to control spending requires sound "change management" to ensure adoption and make it stick.  This workbook provides prompts on deciding ...

Guide to the ACC Value Challenge in Europe

Mar 2013 Primer Download pdf
The Guide to the ACC Value Challenge in Europe is a user-friendly resource designed for both those who are just beginning to look at value in the in-house legal function, and those who have already ...

ACC Value Practice - Nelson Mullins' Encompass Information Governance Records Management

Feb 2013 Value Practice Download pdf
This ACC Value Practice piece describes how Encompass, a division of Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP, works with clients to help implement information governance practices in connection with ...

ACC Value Practice - Nelson Mullins' Encompass Value-Based National Review Counsel Services

Feb 2013 Value Practice Download pdf
This ACC Value Practice piece describes how Nelson Mullins' Encompass works with clients and case counsel to provide national review counsel services using project management practices and value-based ...

Leveraging Techology For Efficiency

Feb 2013 Download pdf
Leveraging Techology For Efficiency

ACC Guide to Knowledge Management

Feb 2013 Primer Download pdf
The guide to implementing legal knowledge management programs explains the full life cycle – from knowledge creation to storage, sharing and utilization. Learn how to capture structured as well as ...

LDEL Exec Report NY Oct2012

Oct 2012 Executive Resource Guide Download pdf
This session of the ACC Law Department Executive Leaders covered two topics: the role of the Legal Operations Function in the Law Department, and Strategic Law Department Staff Management and Development. ...

Outside Counsel Management: Checklist of Conversations for Effective Project Management

Oct 2012 Presentation Download pdf
An item for your bulletin board, this series of checklists covers project scoping, budgeting, post project reviews and lines of communications. It also includes best practices culled from discussions ...