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The ACC Value Challenge® provides an organized, highly-structured approach to closing the perceived gap between the cost of legal service and the value clients receive from those services.  The ACC Value Challenge provides resources to help both law firms and departments meet their unique challenges. You can access and submit success stories and sample value practices, and download resources such as an economic model for budgeting.  

ACC has taken the next step in the ACC Value Challenge, by introducing a client satisfaction measurement tool – the ACC Value Index. The ACC Value Index is not only a means for ACC members to share evaluations of the law firms they engage, it is also an initiative that will help to shape the thinking along with the dialogue between firms and in-house counsel about what constitutes “good value” in legal services.  The ACC Value Index is designed to take only a few moments for our members to complete.  Using a five-point scale (1=Poor, 5=Excellent), members score their outside counsel on:

  • Understands Objectives/Expectations
  • Legal Expertise
  • Efficiency/Process Management
  • Responsiveness/Communication
  • Predictable Cost/Budgeting Skills
  • Results Delivered/Execution

There is space to provide specific comments, and we wrap up the evaluation with the key question: “Would you use this firm again?”  ACC members can browse or search the ACC Value Index based on firm name, matter type and/or office location. Demonstration “screen shots” are provided here so that law firms can see how the ACC Value Index works and how the evaluations are presented (firm, attorney and reviewer names are not real).

We understand that law firms would like to know how they are being evaluated and, while the Index is an ACC member service (after all, our tagline is “by in-house counsel, for in-house counsel”), we do intend to share aggregated, anonymous evaluation statistics with law firms once we have a critical mass of data.  Meanwhile, there are a number of ways your firm can participate with the ACC Value Index:

  • Tell your clients about the ACC Value Index and encourage them to submit evaluations for all ACC members to see
  • Adopt the ACC Value Index criteria for post-engagement reviews and then pipeline the data to ACC*
  • Adjust your existing client satisfaction evaluation criteria to match the ACC Value Index and pipeline the data to ACC*

By getting your firm involved in the ACC Value Challenge and embracing the ACC Value Index, your firm will help to bridge the gap between the delivery of legal services and the value received.  The ACC Value Challenge is a joint initiative based on trust and collaboration. Our call to action is, “Meet. Talk. Act.” Let us know how we can assist you in promoting your involvement with the ACC Value Challenge.

Please feel free to contact us with any thoughts or questions you may have.

Susan Hackett, Senior Vice President & General Counsel
Phone: +1 202.293.4103 ext. 318

*To initiate technical arrangements, email us at

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