ACC Value Challenge

Get Involved


Read the ACC Value Challenge Briefing Package

Do a Little Homework. Study the signature ACC Value Challenge guides:

Talk With Your Firm or Client About Ways to Improve Value. We offer the "Meet. Talk. Act" paradigm

Adopt a Covenant with Counsel. This template lists provisions for law firms and clients to consider.

Take a few steps. Consider 40 Practical Ideas to Connect Value.  Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good - try something!

Join the Community. Subscribe to the ACC Value Challenge eGroup (a topic-based listserv) to share ideas, resources and lessons learned in the value movement. (ACC members: Log in and go to My ACC, then My eGroups, and add the ACC Value Challenge open/interest group)


Try More Strategies and Tactics. There are many value levers to consider, and proven tools and techniques, in the ACC Value Challenge Resource Center, such as:

Participate in an ACC Legal Service Management Workshop to get hands-on training in implementing value-based fees, project and process management techniques. Practice using proven tools and techniques in small groups, working alongside other inside and outside counsel devoted in driving value in client/firm relationships.

3. Become an ACC Value champion

Adopt targets. We suggest setting specific cost, predictability and outcome goals.

Measure results. What gets measured gets done.  There are many ways to track results, just pick what will work in your organization and keep broadcasting progress against your targets.

Keep iterating and refining. Use after action reviews to evaluate what went well and what needs improvement in every value practice you employ.

Put in a nomination. Once you have results and a value story to share, complete the simple nomination form.

Be an ACC Value Champion. The "champs" are great models for others, explaining how they drove value at the ACC Annual Meeting and other conferences.  And they don't rest on their laurels – they enjoy learning from each other and are always moving on to the next value initiative. 

ACC Sends Condolences in Wake of Paris Tragedy

On behalf of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), board of directors, staff and entire ACC community, our heartfelt sympathies go out to the victims and families of the tragic events in Paris.

Paris is the home of many of our chapter leaders, members, country representatives, sponsors and the in-house community at large. We share in the grief and sadness of those that have lost loved ones or suffered physically or emotionally.

At this time we are not aware of anyone from the ACC network of families and friends that have been injured or lost. Our hearts go out to our colleagues and friends and family of loved ones in Paris. We pray for your safety and security.

– Veta T. Richardson, ACC President & CEO Continue