What It Is

The ACC Value Challenge is an initiative to reconnect the value and the cost of legal services. Believing that solutions must come from dialogue and a mutual willingness to change, the ACC Value Challenge is based on the concept that law departments can use management practices that enhance the value of legal service spending; and that law firms can reduce their costs to corporate clients and still maintain strong profitability. The ACC Value Challenge promotes the adoption of management practices that allow all participants to achieve their key objectives.

What it covers

There are many ways to improve value in the firm–client relationship. The ACC Value Challenge focuses on providing resources and training — for law firms as well as law departments — on these key value levers:

  • Aligning Relationships

  • Value-based Fee Structures - i.e. not based on the "billable hour"

  • Staffing and Training Practices

  • Budgeting

  • Project Management

  • Process Improvement

  • Use of Technology

  • Data Management

  • Knowledge Management

  • Change Management

How it works

The main engine of the ACC Value Challenge is sharing what works. We provide online resources available for download, host a virtual community for direct communication with others in the value movement and organize programs to facilitate personal engagement with and learning from "value leaders" and peers.

What can be accomplished

By setting targets, and adopting value-focused management practices to achieve them, law departments and their law firms and legal service providers can: 

Cut Costs – reductions of at least 25% in spend are achievable
Provide Predictability
– well-scoped budgets can be met with effective project management
Improve Outcomes
– fewer disputes, shorter turnaround times, lower settlements, and more  

Pursuing interrelated targets will result in delivering significant value to clients.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact ACC’s Senior Director of Legal Management Services, Catherine J. Moynihan