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Large Law Departments

ACC's Large Law Department membership and Corporate Legal Resource Package (CLRP) offer companies with nine or more lawyers substantial savings on membership fees, access to all member services, a complimentary annual on-site training program and registrations to ACC's educational programs.

on-site Program

As part of their membership, Large Law Departments have the opportunity to receive an annual on-site program at no additional cost.  The on-site program is comprised of an ACC resources demonstration and an interactive ethics presentation.  The ethics modules encourage participants to analyze and discuss critical ethical issues faced by in-house counsel.  CLE and CPD credit is available.

Ethics Modules Include:

The Whistleblower: Internal investigations may present the most “entity threatening” risk to the company and potential liability and ethical pitfalls for in-house lawyers.
Paying the Boss: Increasing attention to executive compensation and concerns about management self-serving their interests over the company's long term interests makes this a hot topic and difficult to navigate.
Global Law: When more than one jurisdiction regulates lawyers and a resolution of the matter, whose professional rules and standards apply? What are the potential ramifications?

Additional modules cover:

Corporate Internal Investigations

Inside Outsourcing

Book It

• All in the Family?

To Catch a Thief

Detailed information on Ethical Issues for Corporate Counsel

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