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This month's focus is on Janine Greenwood, Chief Legal Officer, Vice-President and Secretary for National Student Clearing House.


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Agreeing with ACC, New Budget Deal Restores Federal Court Funding

We’re excited to report that the new budget deal restores sequestered funds to the federal court system.  Along with a coalition of other legal organizations, we argued for that restoration.  Now, let’s see if the federal courts can fix the civil discovery system.



In addition to our extensive resource library, we have an Annual Survey Archive which enables you to examine current CLO thinking and to review changes over time.

I Just Became a General Counsel

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A Practical Guide to Managing and Resolving Business Disputes in China 

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If Your Company Is Investigated In China... Reacting to Dawn Raids

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In the wake of recent investigations into business activities in China, companies and their investors have asked how to respond to a “dawn raid” by authorities in China. PRC law provides for the ...

New European Commission Rules for Merger Review

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Last month, the merger simplification package adopted by the European Commission entered into force. The main objective of this reform is to achieve a greater level of efficiency in merger review ...

Legal Practice Management: Reducing Stress, Improving Retention Rates

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If you sense low morale and high anxiety among your staff, take action before the problems spiral out of control. This article contains some legal practice management steps you can take.

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