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Fieldfisher is the 2015 sponsor for ACC's IT, Privacy & eCommerce Committee

The ITPEC Committee covers information technology, privacy, data protection, ecommerce, outsourcing, the Internet and related areas.

ITPEC Committee Goals:

  • To serve as a key resource for its members to exchange valuable information, forms and practical approaches to legal issues.
  • To act as a center of excellence within the ACC in the practice areas of information technology, privacy, data protection, ecommerce, outsourcing, the Internet and related areas.
  • To foster the professional development of its members through education and networking opportunities.
  • To promote the development of best practices in the practice areas covered by the Committee.


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Upcoming Meetings

Thursday, April 2, 2015 at 12:00 PM ET, 4:00 PM GMT
Includes an online presentation

Why the Big Fuss About Big Data?

The age of Big Data is upon us. If we're to believe what we read, our vehicles will soon be talking to one another, the government will be surveilling us through our smart watches, and refrigerators will be placing shopping orders for us before we've even run out of food. But what does the term "Big Data" even mean and how is it any different from "Little Data"? What are the implications of Big Data for individuals' right to privacy, and do data protection rules apply any differently to "Big Data"? Phil Lee, Partner, Privacy and Information, Fieldfisher

Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 10:00 AM ET, 2:00 PM GMT
Includes an online presentation

Trade Secrets in Europe - Time for Harmonisation?

The first part of the talk will cover the position in the UK and contrast that to other EU Member States. The second part will refer to the objective and status of the draft EU Directive on Trade Secrets. Beatriz San Martín, Partner, IP and Technology Protection and Enforcement, Fieldfisher


Making and Enforcing Contracts Online in the United States, Canada and the EU

Sep 2012 InfoPAK Download pdf
Sponsored by Venable LLP
This InfoPAK is designed to provide corporate counsel with a general overview of making and enforcing online contracts. It is meant to be a primer for understanding how to prepare electronic contracts ...

Recent Committee-Developed Resources

Information Security Vendor Questionnaire

Mar 2015 Form & Policy Download pdf
This sample questionnaire will be used to help evaluate the technology solution or third-party's capabilities to meet corporate policies and comply with applicable laws, regulations, and industry ...

Top Ten Tips for Using US Sales Terms in Europe

Oct 2014 Top Ten
Sponsored by Fieldfisher
Like it or not, different territories have different laws. There are 28 states in the European Union and across these states there are tranches of relatively harmonised laws in certain areas. The ...

Change Control Procedure for a Services Agreement (UK)

Oct 2014 Form & Policy Download pdf
Sponsored by Fieldfisher
This document sets out a process by which the parties to a services agreement can request and agree changes to the services. The process is intended to give the customer flexibility to require changes ...