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Sidley Austin LLP is the 2015 sponsor for ACC's International Legal Affairs Committee.


The International Legal Affairs Committee helps ACC members working in international legal and business affairs to develop professionally and serve their clients in a cost and time-effective manner. Resources provided include tips for managing global legal departments and hiring foreign nationals.

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Upcoming Meetings

Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 11:00 AM ET, 3:00 PM GMT
Includes an online presentation

The Stakes Are Going Up: Hacking and the New Paradigm of Data Breaches

SEC investigations, shareholder derivative actions, commercial litigation, and congressional hearings are a few of the new potential consequences of a data breach. As the spotlight moves from CPOs to CEOs and Boards, corporations are taking new steps to ensure they have defensible information security and robust incident response plans. This presentation will examine these new potential consequences, how they fit into the existing world of FTC, AG investigations, and class action litigation, and what companies can do to bolster their defenses. Edward R. McNicholas, Partner, Sidley Austin LLP

Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 11:00 AM ET, 3:00 PM GMT

Recent Committee-Developed Resources

Contractual limitation of currency risks

Feb 2015 QuickCounsel
This QuickCounsel outlines the importance of foreseeing exchange rate risks by including provisions in a contract between parties involved in overseas transactions.

Data Protection & Privacy - Belgium

Dec 2014 Article Download pdf
This article summarises the legislative framework for the protection of personally
identifiable information (PII).

Bank Bankruptcy Proceedings in Bulgaria

Dec 2014 QuickCounsel
Sponsored by Peterka & Partners
Bulgarian legislation has a specific Law on Bank Bankruptcy (the “LBB”) which in most of its aspects provides for specific rules derogating the bankruptcy rules for companies.


Public Procurement Multi-Jurisdictional Guide

Sep 2014 InfoPAK
Sponsored by Practical Law
The Public Procurement Multi-Jurisdictional InfoPak Guide provides practical analysis of topical cross-border issues and country-specific Q&A guides on public procurement law and practice worldwide. ...