Leadership Manual


Welcome to the online Committee Leadership Manual

It is our hope that this manual will provide you with the information you need to provide effective leadership for the committee.  In the past, the Committee Leadership Manual was a static document that was subject to being out of date almost as soon as it went to print.   With the online version, we will be regularly updating the information with new materials, checklists and best practices in a variety of media platforms that will make the task of ‘running the committee’ easy and engaging. 

What is the purpose of the Committees?

ACC Committees bring together members with shared practice interests.  ACC membership currently entitles members to join as many Committees as they wish. The Committees provide networking opportunities and help ACC’s staff to produce substantive legal resources.  The Committees also design and implement education programs that provide valuable professional development for in-house counsel. 

What is the governing body of the Committees?

Committees – as entities and representatives of the association – are governed by the policies established by ACC’s Board of Directors including ACC’s Conference Guidelines. 

Each committee’s mission statement, charter and bylaws provide the framework for which each committee operates. 

Who is the Council of Committees?

The Council of Committees (CoC) consists of the chairs and vice-chairs of the ACC’s Committees.  The CoC exists to promote communication between the Committees and provide a cooperative forum for the leadership of Committees to explore methods to accomplish their common goals.  The CoC facilitates communications with the Board of Directors, as appropriate.  The CoC also seeks to foster cooperative efforts between Committees and Chapters.

The CoC has its own mission statement, charter and bylaws, as well as an executive leadership – a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary and appoints committee members to special projects as needed.  The voting membership of the CoC includes its executive leadership and the chair and vice chair of each committee.

The CoC meets via teleconference call every 1st Monday of the month.  The CoC welcomes all committee leadership to the call, and particularly the committee leaders providing oversight of the development of Annual Meeting programs.

ACC Sends Condolences in Wake of Paris Tragedy

On behalf of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), board of directors, staff and entire ACC community, our heartfelt sympathies go out to the victims and families of the tragic events in Paris.

Paris is the home of many of our chapter leaders, members, country representatives, sponsors and the in-house community at large. We share in the grief and sadness of those that have lost loved ones or suffered physically or emotionally.

At this time we are not aware of anyone from the ACC network of families and friends that have been injured or lost. Our hearts go out to our colleagues and friends and family of loved ones in Paris. We pray for your safety and security.

– Veta T. Richardson, ACC President & CEO Continue