Developing Women Leaders - Challenges and Strategies

Insights from the ACC CLO Club Roundtable: Developing Women Leaders

Although much progress has been made in advancing the status of women in the legal profession, women are still a minority in in-house legal leadership positions.  

At this CLO Roundtable held in Calgary on January 19, 2017 on Developing Women Leaders, participants shared many successful strategies for overcoming challenges and biases to help women leaders succeed.  

You may download a summary of the discussion at the link below.

Crafting a Global Anti-Corruption Program: Leading Practices for Ensuring FCPA, U.K. Bribery Act, and Related Corruption Compliance

Leading Practice Profile

Anti-corruption is an important issue to address with your company. In this Leading Practice Profile, six companies explain how they implement and monitor their successful anti-corruption programs. It will also trace the evolution of anti-corruption laws.

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