WMACCA Chapter

Accredited CLE Courses and Program Materials

Below, you will find the list of WMACCA programs that have been accredited by the Virginia MCLE Board during this MCLE year (from November 1, 2013, through October 31, 2014).  In most cases, there also are links to the program materials. If you attended any of these programs and need the information to file for credit with the MCLE Board, please contact Robin Hayutin at Robin.Hayutin@WMACCA.com.

If you are a member of another Bar and are seeking credit from that Bar for a program, our research has indicated that many jurisdictions with an MCLE requirement grant credit reciprocally once a program has been credited by another MCLE board. For example: for the California Bar, see http://www.calbar.org/pub250/mcclerr1.htm, Section 7.4; for the New York Bar, http://www.courts.state.ny.us/attorneys/cle/index.shtml. Other bars (such as Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio), allow individuals to apply for the program to receive credit. If we can help further with this research on a particular bar, please let Robin know.

2014 MCLE Courses, and Associated Program Materials

Date 12/16/2014
Title:  Executive Orders - The Straw(s) That Are Breaking the Camel's Back?  Program Slides.

Date 12/10/2014
Title:  Practical Tips for Working with the Government in an Investigation.  Program Slides.  Program Materials.

Date 12/9/2014
Title:  ICE Cold Predictions for This Winter - Immigration Compliance Will be a Priority.  Program Slides.

Date 12/4/2014
Title:  Third Party Risk in an FCPA World.  Program Materials 1, Materials 2.  Program Slides.

Date  12/2/2014
Title:  FMLA, ADA or Both? An Advanced Discussion of Complex Leave Issues. Program Materials (include slides).

Date 11/19/2014
Title:  Mobile Payments in a Global Economy.  Program Slides.

Date 11/18/2014
Title:  Practical Impact of Export Control Reform for Government Contractors.  Program Slides.

Date 11/6/2014
Title:  Cybersecurity Risk Management.  Program Slides.

Date 11/5/2014
Title:  Tools to Help You Guide Your CEO in Choosing a Transaction Strategy. Program Slides.

Date 10/31.2014
Title:  Ebola - What You Need to Know.  Program materials.

Date 10/23/2014
Title:  OSHA - A New Frontier for Whistleblowers?  Program Slides.

Date 10/21/2014
Title:  Thinking Globally About Discovery - Offensive and Defensive Strategies.  Program Slides.

Date 10/14/2014
Title:  The Ever-Evolving Ukraine/Russia Sanctions Regime.  Program Slides.

Date 10/9/2014
Title:  Best Practices for Government Contractors on Handling Internal Investigations and Making Disclosures Under the Mandatory Disclosure Rule.  Program Slides.

Date 10/7/2014
Title:  The Lawyers' MBA, Part II.  Presentation Materials.  Case Study Materials A, B, C, D.  Work Shop Materials A, B.  Presenter Bios.

Date 10/2/2014
Title:  Navigating the Copyrights Maze.  Program Slides.

Date 10/1/2014
Title:  Wearing Multiple Hats - Common Challenges for GCs Advising Related Organizations.  Program materials.

Date 9/29/2014
Title:  High Tech Raises Issues for Ethical Conduct.  Program Slides.

Date 9/18/2014
Title:  Independent Monitors - How to Avoid Them and How to Live with Them.  Program Slides.

Date 9/16/2014
Title:  Data Privacy and Security Conference.  Integrating Security and Privacy Considerations Slides.  Cyber Insurance Slides.  Getting Your Privacy House in Order Slides.  FTC's Perspective on Privacy and Security Slides.  Privacy Around the Globe Slides.  Working with the FBI Slides

Date 9/11/2014
Title:  Managing Litigation in the Small Law Department Environment.  Program Slides.

Date 9/10/2014
Title:  Between a Rock and a Hard Case - Taking Employment Disputes to Trial.  Program Slides.

Date 9/9/2014
Title:  Moving Forward in an M&A Transaction - "The Art and Science".  Program Slides.

Date 7/31/2014
Title:  Cutting through the Complexities - Making Cooperative Ventures Work.  Program Slides.  Program Materials.

Date 7/30/2014
Title:  Contract Drafting - Best Practices for Drafting Controversial Subcontract Clauses.  Program Slides.  Program Materials: Data Prime; GPR; Data; Contracts Warranty Clause; Contracts - General Indemnification.

Date 7/17/2014
Title:  Corporate Governance Conference:  Driving Excellence in Corporate Governance.  1.  The Evolving Landscape Slides.  2.  Well-Structured Board Meeting Slides.  3.  Executive Compensation - For-Profit Slides.  4.  Executive Compensation - Non-Profit Slides.  5.  Stasia Kelly Chat Slides.  6.  GC Role on Corporate Strategy Slides.  7.  Hot Topics in Non-Profit Governance Slides.

Date 7/15/2014
Title:  Anti-Corruption Compliance and Investigations - The Asia Challenge for U.S. Businesses.  Program Slides.

Date 7/10/2014
Title:  Employment Law 101 Series - How to Manage Accommodation Requests Effectively.  Program Materials.

Date 6/26/2014
Title:  The Wild World of Witnesses - When Good Witnesses Go Bad.  Program SlidesProgram Materials.

Date 6/25/2014
Title:  Pin it, Tag it, Like it...UBIT?  Compliance Issues for Non-Profit Social Media Campaigns.  Program Slides.

Date 6/24/2014
Title:  How Your Insurance Contracts Impact Your Government Contract Work - and Vice Versa.  Program Slides.

Date 6/17/2014
Title:  Spotlight on Africa.  Program Slides.

Date 6/5/2014
Title:  Scaling a Compliance Program to Your Organization and Small Law Department.  Program SlidesProgram Materials.

Date 6/4/2014
Title:  Building a High Performance Team.  Program Slides.

Date 5/22/2014
Title:  The Private Equity Buyer - Key Considerations When Your Company is Sold to Private Equity.  Program Slides.

Date: 5/20/2014
Title:  Bid Protests in an Era of Shrinking Agency Budgets.  Program Slides.

Date:  5/15/14
Title: Employment and Labor Forum Conference on Diversity and the Law.
1.  LGBT Issues Slides.  2.  Affirmative Action Slides.  3.  Global Diversity Slides.  4.  Managing Risk Slides.

Date: 5/7/14
Title: Audit Letter, Disclosures and Reserves. Program Slides.

Date: 5/1/14
Title: An Insider's Practical Guide to New Procedures for Avoiding Costly IP Litigation. Program Slides.

Date: 4/29/14
Title: Expanding Around the Globe. Program Slides.

Date: 4/24/14
Title: NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Program Slides.

Date: 4/23/14
Title: Flying Through Federal Thunder Clouds - Emerging Issues and Practical Tips in Navigating FedRAMP, DoD Cloud Guidance, and Cloud Cybersecurity Issues. Program Slides.

Date: 4/10/14
Title: Political Activity by Tax-Exempt Organizations - Compliance Tips for the 2014 Election Year.  Program Slides.

Date: 4/9/2014
Title:  TROs and Preliminary Injunctions.  Program Slides.

Date: 4/8/14
Title: Protecting Attorney-Client Communications For In-House Counsel. Program Slides.

Date: 4/2/14
Title: Advertising Transparency in the Digital Age - New Traps to Avoid and Best Practices to Adopt in Modern Advertising. Program Slides.

Date: 4/1/2014
Title:  Avoid Being an April Fool - Government Contract Compliance to Put You in First Place, and Keep You Off the Front Page.   1.  Compliance and Ethics   Compliance and Ethics   2.  Business Systems. 3. Whistleblower. 4. SDO Slides.  5. Benchmarking.

Date: 3/27/14
Title: Streamlining the Movement of Your Company's Goods Across International Borders. Program Slides.

Date: 3/20/14
Title: It's Not My Problem (or is it?) - Facing a Third-Party Subpoena in Litigation. Program Slides.

Date: 3/19/14
Title: Traveling the Road to a Successful IPO - and Beyond. Program Slides.

Date: 3/18/14
Title: How Associations Can Grow Their Membership with the Right Members with Safe Legal Boundaries. Program Slides.

Date: 3/11/14
Title: Avoiding Litigation and Maximizing Claims in Today's Challenging Environment. Program Slides.

Date: 3/6/14
Title: To Reclassify or Not to Reclassify? Practical Advice on FLSA Misclassification Issues. Program Slides.

Date: 2/27/14
Title: Global Joint Ventures - The Keys to Success. Program Slides.

Date: 2/26/14
Title: The Focus on New Audit Committees. Program Slides.

Date: 2/12/14
Title: What Every Government Contractor Needs to Know About Preventing and Dealing with Cyber Attacks or Data Breach. Program Slides.

Date: 2/11/14
Title: Cloud Agreements - Ensuring a Sunny Forecast. Program Slides.

Date: 2/5/14
Title: Antitrust Risk Management - Effective Techniques for In-House Counsel. Program Slides.

Date: 1/28/14
Title: Trends in Supply Chain Risk and Litigation. Program Slides.

Date: 1/23/14
Title: 2013 Employment Law Year in Review. Program Slides.

Date: 1/16/14
Title: Exempt Organizations (2013) Year in Review. Program Slides.

Date: 1/15/14
Title: Contract Management Systems - Starting from Scratch.  Program Slides.

2012-2013 MCLE Courses, and Associated Program Materials.

Date:  12/17/13
Title:  Do You Know Where the Money Is?  Embezzlement and Diversion of Assets in the Electronic Age.  Program Slides.

Date:  12/12/13
Title:  Making Nice With Bring Your Own Device - Tips for Successfully Implementing a BYOD Policy.  Program Slides. BYOD Tip Sheet.  Information about FISMA Extension for Government ContractorsProtecting Trade SecretsHow Nonprofits Can Avoid the Legal Pitfalls of Telecommuting Employees.

Date: 12/4/13
Title: On the Inside Looking Out - Lessons Learned From the Increased Enforcement Actions Against In-House Counsel. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 12/3/13
Title: Key Employment and Labor Law Issues Facing Government Contractors. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 11/12/13
Title: Protecting Your IP From Uncle Sam.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 11/6/13
Title: The "Do's" of International Diligence. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 11/5/13
Title: Roadmap to Defensible Deletion And Efficient Retention Of Company Data. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 10/24/13
Title: Ready, Fire, Aim - What Should Contractors Do When The Government Doesn't Consistently Hit The OCI Target. Program Slides.

Date Presented:  10/23/13
Title:  Monster Ethics.  Program Slides. Agenda. ABA Report on Technology and Confidentiality. Inadvertent Disclosure Considerations. Prospective Client Definition. ABA Report on Technology and Client Development. Advertising Issues. ABA Report on Outsourcing. Checklist for Outsourcing. Practice Pending Admission - ABA Resolution. ABA Resolution on Admission by Motion. Confidentiality Rules.

Date Presented: 10/10/13
Title:  WMACCA Interactive Workshop:  Anti-Corruption Investigations - Putting Theory Into Practice. Pre-Program Materials:  1.  Communication with Counsel; 2. Case background - Good Fortune Diagnostics (GFD); 3. Audio Recording Script - GFD HR; 4. Audio Recording Script - GFD Internal Audit; 5. Audio Recording Script - GFD Sales; 6. Audio Script - Internal Audit Deal Review Process; 7. GFD Work Plan; 8. Background Materials - Avoiding FCPA Risk While Doing Business in China; 9. Background Materials - Virginia LBR 2010.

Date Presented: 10/8/13
Title: Why You Should be Pinterested - Best Practices for Protecting Your Brand, Properly Crediting Partners and Profiting From Pinterest.  Program Slides.

Date Presented:  10/7/13
Title:  Hot Topics in the New Era of Employment Law Litigation.  Program SlidesRetaliation Litigation White PaperEEOC Systemic Investigations White Paper.

Date Presented: 9/26/13
Title: Knowing Where Waldo Is and Keeping Waldo Lawfully Employed - Ten Best Practices for Managing the Legal Challenges Presented by an Increasingly Global Workforce.
Program Slides. Immigration TemplateImmigration Pocket LetterImmigration Compliance EssentialsImmigration Business Visitor & Visa

Date Presented: 9/24/13
Title:  WMACCA 2013 Advanced Contracts Conference.  Program Slides Boilerplate. Program Slides Arbitration. Program Slides Non-Competes. Program Slides Ethics.

Date Presented: 9/19/13
Title: Playing Good Patent Dispute Defense.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 9/18/13
Title: Executives in DCAA Crosshairs - New Limits on Executive Compensation.  Program Slides. Program Materials.

Date Presented: 9/17/13
Title: Letters of Intent in M&A Transactions. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 9/11/13
Title: Don't Litigate, Mediate - Here's How.  Program SlidesSupplemental Program Materials.

Date Presented:  9/10/13
Title:  More Timely Than Ever - Healthcare Reform Outlook.  Program Slides.

Date Presented:  7/31/13
Title:  What?  We Need to Review Our Criminal Background Check Policy?  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 7/25/13
Title: Intelligently Leveraging Open Source To Your Company's Advantage. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 7/24/13
Title: Your Employment Case is Going to Trial. Are You Ready? Program Slides.

Date Presented: 7/16/13
Title: Getting Along with the Government in Spare Times (And All Other Times). Program Slides.

Date Presented: 7/11/13
Title: The Interaction of Insurance and Indemnification Clauses. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 7/10/11
Title: Commercial Contracting in a Global World.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 6/27/13
Title: Responding to Data Landmines - How to Manage the Inevitable Data Breach. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 6/25/13
Title: State Your Claim - How Not to Leave Money on the Table. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 6/6/13
Title: The Importance of the Corporate Secretary to Boardroom Best Practices. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 6/5/13
Title: Lessons Learned from Sports and Entertainment on Managing Social Media.

Date Presented: 6/4/13
Title: Best Practices in Handling Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, False Claims Act and Other Sensitive Whistleblower Complaints.

Date Presented: 5/30/13

Title: Bid Protests - The Good, The Bad, and The Sustained. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 5/23/13
Title: Ethics When Doing Business Abroad. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 5/22/13

Title: Corporate sponsorship and Other Revenue Generating Strategies for Non-Profits. Program SlidesProgram Materials Rev Rul 2004-51.  Program Materials Rev Rul 1-178.

Date Presented: 5/21/13
Title: Through the Looking Glass: Program Slides.

Date Presented: 5/16/13

Title: How to Handle a Demand for 30(b)(6) Testimony.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 5/15/13
Title: Dodging the Pitfalls and Hurdles of Executive Transactions in Company Stock.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 5/7/2013
Title:  2013 Employment Conference.  Program Slides Benefits.  Program Slides EEOC.  Program Slides OFCCP.  Program Slides RIFs.  Program Slides Point-Counterpoint, A View From Across the Aisle.

Date Presented: 4/30/13
Title: Weak Link in Your Supply Chain/ Understanding Counterfeit Parts, Domestic Preference & Anti-Trafficking.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 4/25/13
Title: The Before and Aftermath of Wage/House Claims.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 4/24/13
Title: Conflict Minerals - The Latest.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 4/18/13
Title: Practical Guidance for Operating Under the America Invents Act. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 4/16/13

Title: Not So Civil and Uncommon Law.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 4/11/13
Title: Managing Risk.  Program Slides Overview. Program Slides Technology RisksProgram Slides Insurance. Program Slides Litigation ReservesProgram Slides Risky Business.

Date Presented: 4/10/13
Title:  Planned Giving - What's In It For You and Your Donor.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 3/20/13
Title: A False Claims Update. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 3/19/13
Title: Bad Cases in Bad Places - Managing Litigation When the Stakes Are High. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 3/12/13
Title: The Growing Thicket of International Privacy Requirements. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 3/7/13
Title: WMACCA Mini-MBA.  Program Slides Strategic ThinkingProgram Slides Value Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Date Presented: 3/5/13
Title: A New Era in Labor-Management Relations That No Employer Can Afford to Ignore.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 2/28/13
Title: The Attorney-Client Privilege In a Global Technological Age.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 2/21/13
Title: Detecting Red Flags When Dealing with Foreign Officials.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 2/19/13
Title: What to Do When Employees and the Public Take to the Internet Town Square.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 2/7/13
Title: Is This the End of the Internal Audit Report As We Know It? Program Slides.

Date Presented: 1/31/13
Title: IP Clearance.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 1/29/13
Title 2012 Employment Law Year in Review. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 1/24/13
Title: Cybersecurity and Data Protection - What's a Lawyer to Do?  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 1/10/13
Title: Exempt Organizations (2012) Year in Review.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 12/18/12
Title: FCPA Compliance Guidance Update: Program Slides.

Date Presented: 12/13/12
Title: More Than One Way To Tighten the Belt. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 12/12/12
Title: The 'New Frontier' of Brand Enforcement on the Internet. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 12/11/12
Title: The Affordable Care Act - What Every Employer Needs to Know. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 11/28/12
Title: The Nuts and Bolts of Arbitration. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 11/27/12
Title: Protecting Your Company's IP.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 11/15/12
Title: Non-Profits Year In Review. Program Slides. Program Materials.

Date Presented: 11/13/12
Title: Government Contracts "101."  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 11/8/12
Title: Working with Investment Bankers in M&A Dealmaking - Best Practices for In-House Counsel. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 11/1/12
Title: Export Control Reform; What Your Should Be Doing Now.  Program Slides. Additional Materials.

2011-12 MCLE Courses, and associated program materials

Date Presented: 10/24/12
Title: Protecting Intellectual Property.  Program Materials.

Date Presented: 10/23/12
Title: A New Discovery Frontier - The Proliferation of Mobile Devices and Web-Based Environments. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 10/16/12
Title: Global Hotspot Series - Doing Business in Brazil. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 10/11/12
Title: The New World of Debarment and Suspension Actions. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 10/9/12
Title: Dodd-Frank - What Corporate Counsel Need to Know Two Years Later. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 9/24/12
Title: Strategic Employment Litigation.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 9/19/12
Title: Protecting Exempt Status While Maximizing Impact - Planning with Joint Ventures and Subsidiaries. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 9/13/12
Title: Advanced Contracts Conference.  Program Slides International. Program Slides Indemnification. Program Slides Lessons Learned from Litigation. Program Slides Negotiation Workshop.

Date Presented: 9/12/12
Title: Lost in Cyber Space - Best Practices for Maintaining Security on the Internet and in Cloud Computing. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 9/11/12
Title: Organizational Conflicts of Interest - Navigating Through Churning Waters. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 9/6/12
Title: Fraud! How to Detect and Respond. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 7/25/12
Title: The Anatomy of an Internal Investigation. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 7/24/12
Title: Commercial Item Government Contracting. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 7/18/12
Title: Best Practices for Protecting Your Company's Trade Secrets. Program Slides and Materials.

Date Presented: 7/17/12
Title: Developing An Integrated Approach to Enterprise Risk Management. Program Slides. Program Materials 1.  Program Materials 2. Program Materials 3. Program Materials 4.

Date Presented: 6/28/12
Title: Trans-Atlantic Issues n Government Contracting. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 6/27/12
Title: Ethics - Who is Your Client and How to Protect them Using Modern Technology. Program Slides. 

Date Presented: 6/27/12
Title: Agreeing to Convene - How to Spot and Solve the Most Common Meeting Contracting Pitfalls. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 6/26/12
Title: Cloud Computing. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 6/7/12
Title: How to Litigate a Bogey-Free Claim Against the Government. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 6/6/12
Title: 2012 Employment Conference. Program Slides Contingent WorkersProgram Slides TerminationsProgram Slides LeaveProgram Slides WhistleblowerProgram Slides Background ChecksProgram Slides Wage and Hour.

Date Presented: 5/31/12
Title: Practical Strategies for Maintaining Data Privacy. Program SlidesSupplemental Materials.

Date Presented: 5/23/12
Title: What DCAA's New Agency Culture Means for Your Government Contracting Business. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 5/16/12
Title: State Law Charitable Registrations. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 5/10/12
Title: The Perils of Working with Nonprofits: Do's and Don'ts of Board Service and Legal Advice.   Program Slides.

Date Presented: 5/9/12
Title: Structuring Employee Mobility in a Global Workplace. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 5/8/12
Title: Mixing Litigation and Social Media - The Good, the Bad and the 'My Witness Tweeted What??'"  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 5/3/12
Title: Learn How to Mitigate Corporate Risk Through an Effective Compliance Program. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 4/26/12
Title: Private Company Financing - VC, PE and Othe Ways to Raise $$. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 4/24/12
Title: Here Come the New generic Top Level Domains (gLTDs) -
What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Brand at the Top and Second Levels. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 4/24/12
Title: E Discovery and Predictive Coding.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 4/19/12
Title: How to Find and Use an Expert Witness Without Breaking the Bank. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 4/18/12
Title: Crafting Effective, but Compliant, Communications During an Election Year. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 4/17/12
Title: Avoiding Corruption - How Much Do You Really Need to Know About Your Business Partners in Emerging Markets? Program Slides. Program Materials/DOJ.

Date Presented: 4/11/12
Title: What Every Employment Lawyer Should Know About Statistical Proof in Employment Matters.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 4/4/12
Title: Advanced ITAR.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 3/27/12
Title: Hiring Former Government Employees and Veterans? New Regs, New Risks, and New Requirements Await You. 

Date Presented: 3/22/12
Title: Corporate Governance Conference - The Well-Run Board

Date Presented: 3/20/12
Title: Arbitration - Facts and Fiction for a Global Marketplace. Program SlidesProgram Materials. Additional Materials.

Date Presented: 3/15/12
Title: IP Monetization Strategies, the IP Environment and the Cast of IP Characters - Who Is Participating, and What Are They Doing? Program Slides.

Date Presented: 3/14/12
Title: Employment Law 101 - More Than Alphabet Soup - What Every In-House Counsel Needs to Know.  Program Slides.

Date Presented: 2/23/12
Title: Know When to Hold 'em and When (and How) to Fold 'em - Practical Tips for Negotiating and Settling Employment Disputes. Program Slides.

Date Presented:  2/16/12
Title: Protecting Trade Secrets Before, During and After Trial
Program Slides.  Program Materials.

Date Presented: 2/15/12
Title: "What Happens at the Settlement Table Stays at the Table" and Other Negotiation Myths.  Program Slides. Supplemental Materials.

Date Presented: 2/9/12
Title: The New FAR Personal Conflict of Interest Regulations. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 2/8/12
Title: Insider Trading Compliance in 2012. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 2/2/12
Title: An In-House Counsel's Guide to The European Commission's Proposal for A New Data Protection Regulation. Program Slides

Date Presented: 1/31/12
Title: 2011 - Employment Law Year in Review.

Date Presented: 1/25/12
Title: The Honeymoon is Over - Post-Closing Disputes in M&A Deals. Program Slides. Appendix.

Date Presented: 1/25/12
Title: Exempt Organizations Year in Review - Lessons Learned from 2011 and What to Expect in 2012. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 1/24/12
Title: Spotlight on China and the Middle East.  Program Slides Middle EastProgram Slides China.

Date Presented: 1/11/12
Title: Whistle Blower Defense Updates in the Aftermath of Dodd-Frank. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 1/4/12

Title: Are You Ready For Your Upcoming Audit Committee Meetings? Program Slides.

Date Presented: 12/20/11
Title: Calculated Risk: Setting Parameters for Setting Reserves. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 12/13/11
Title: What Corporate Counsel Should Know To Avoid Transfer Pricing Pitfalls. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 12/7/11

Title: Successfully Navigate the Federal Government Bid Protest Process When Protesting or Protecting a Contract Award.
Program Slides.

Date Presented: 12/6/11
Title: NLRB Developments Affecting Union and Non-Union Employers. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 12/1/11
Title: Best Practices to Preserve Patent Rights Through Invention Disclosure and Provisional Patent Applications in the First to File Era. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 11/30/11
Title: Gaining the Ad*Vantage - When Your Competitors (Or Your Own Marketing Dept!) Cross the Line with New Ads. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 11/30/11
Title: 2011 - A Sea Change For Class Actions? Program Materials.

Date Presented: 11/29/11
Title: Getting Ready for the 2012 Proxy Season. Program Slides. Program Materials. Program Materials.

Date Presented: 11/17/11
Title: An Entertaining Review of the Top Ten Things Every In-House Counsel Needs to Know About This Supreme Court Term.

Date Presented: 11/17/11
Title: Not So Happily Ever After: Commercial Contracts From the Litigator's Perspective Program Materials.

Date Presented: 11/15/11
Title: Controlling the Vaporous "Cloud" of Proprietary data Used by Employee

Date Presented: 11/10/11
Title: Legal Strategies for Navigating the Brave new Patent World. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 11/9/11
Title: How to Avoid Keeping Too Much, Taking Too Long, and Costing Too Much. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 11/8/11
Title: Problems in Association Governance 301 - Handling the Wayward Director. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 11/3/11
Title: Using Today's Regulatory Environment to Improve Your Compliance Program. Program Slides.

Date Presented: 11/1/11
Title: Common Mistakes Companies Make in Outsourcing Tranactions (and How Counsel Can Help Avoid Them). Program Slides.