San Francisco Bay Chapter

Committee Chair

Aileen Casanave, Chair
Senior Director, Outbound Licensing - Americas, TIBCO Software Inc. 

Provide resources to in-house counsel in the San Francisco Bay Area to develop skills, networks and personal promotional material to maximize career opportunities. Assist those in-transition to find their next job, as well as assist those currently working in-house to advance their careers. A committee will develop materials and interactive events to offer in-house attorneys guidance regarding specific topics. Anticipating one meeting a quarter during lunchtime at a South Bay or Peninsula location. Meetings open to non-members of ACC for a fee. Guest speakers to include legal executive search agencies, career development experts, law department hiring managers, and professionals from other disciplines, such as CEO, CFO, and HR. Some examples of services provided and meeting subject as follows: resume and cover letter writing; mock interviews; network development and use; conducting a career campaign; staying current in your field; defining yourself; performing contract work; using a professional coach; expanding substantive knowledge (ex: MBA subjects); how to grow your in-house legal department; and discounts with service providers.

Past Program Materials

12/10/09 - "From Stressed Out to Fired Up! Strategies to Manage Stress, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Motivate Yourself to Succeed"
As in-house counsel, we spend most of our days (and nights!) responding to emergencies and fighting fires, while being expected to handle a multitude of transactions and other matters that our business clients needed “yesterday.”   Often, we have no energy left to balance our work lives and our personal lives. No wonder we’re stressed! This program will help you identify the possible sources of your professional and personal stress, offer you some specific stress management techniques, and give you insight into how stress might be holding you back.  Join us to learn a sure-fire approach to using your stress to fuel your own motivation, even in the midst of overbooked schedules and daily chaos.  Our panel will provide a lively, interactive, and informational session that’s sure to give you some tools you can use to move your stress into action. For further information on this program and program materials, click here.

9/25/09 - "Finding Your Passion, Finding Yourself: "How You Can Find an Alternative In-House Role and Re-Invent Your Career"
Are you worried that your company will be cutting costs?  (It probably already is!)  Are you concerned that one of those costs might be your salary?  (Duh!)  Is it time for a change?  Come to this interactive presentation and hear a panel of in-house attorneys and service-provider experts share their experiences, knowledge, and tips on how to generate the most satisfying next step on your career path.  You’ll hear three local in-house attorneys tell their personal stories about how they followed their hearts to law school, how they created and transformed their careers, and how they found their passion in their current in-house counsel roles.  You’ll hear from a legal recruiter and from an executive coach/career counselor/PR agent about how they work with job candidates to help them define their “dream job,” identify or create their most fulfilling in-house role, and make the connections to land that role. For further information on this program and program materials, click here.

6/12/09 - "Can You Pass the Workplace "Stress-Test"? Strategies for Managing "People Syles" & Communication Hot-Buttons in this Unnerving Economy"
Do you find yourself or others losing patience more often due to the stress of this challenging economy and recent layoffs happening around you?  Would you like to learn how to keep your cool -- even when other people can’t seem to keep theirs? 

If so, we’ve put together a panel of experts to help. This interactive, special expanded-length Career Development Committee meeting will feature Sam Horn, author of the critically-acclaimed Tongue Fu! ® and POP!, and Jean Fuller, a well known executive coach in Silicon Valley.  Our panelists will provide real-world approaches to challenges you encounter every day at work, while our moderator Diane Honda, Vice President and Associate General Counsel for Extreme Networks, will help tailor their insights into timely and relevant tips for in-house counsel. For further information on this program and program materials, click here.

12/12/08 - "Own the Room: Tips to Help You Present Advice so That it Will be Well Received"
In today’s ever-changing business climate, it is no longer enough simply to be a good attorney.  True success as an in-house attorney requires the ability to communicate your ideas and legal advice effectively –whether you’re briefing your general counsel, presenting to the executive team or to the Board of Directors, leading an extended contract discussion/negotiation, reviewing an important memo, or simply taking part in a meeting with several of your business clients.  Join us and our special guest, communication consultant and large-group speaker Steve Hughes, for a dynamic program that will show you how to position yourself, and your ideas, for maximum impact.  Using some of the latest psychological research, Steve will show you how your varying audiences want to receive and process information, so that they will be receptive to hearing it, will understand it, and will be motivated to act based on your recommendations.  You will walk away with actionable ideas and practical tips that you can apply right away.   This will be a fun, informative, practical, and thought-provoking program. For further information on this program and program materials, please click here.

3/16/07 - “The Job Hunt as Corporate Merger, Part I: Conducting Due Diligence in the Hiring Process” - This two-part luncheon series will examine the recruiting process as a merger, between the candidate and the new employer. Join us on March 16 for Part I of this series, focusing on the “Due Diligence” process -- that is, using the resume, cover letter, and interview to establish a foundation for future negotiations, from both the candidate’s and the hiring company’s perspectives. In this session, members of an attorney search management firm and a career consulting agency will offer practical tips about responding to job advertisements and writing your resume and cover letter. Watch (and maybe even participate in) a mock interview, covering some of the toughest questions that are commonly asked of candidates by recruiting agencies, in-house human resource recruiters, and legal department hiring managers. Listen as the responses are critiqued by a local general counsel and a local in-house human resources recruiter. The presentation included advice about how to maneuver through the hiring process to land that coveted interview directly with the legal department’s hiring manager. For further information on this program and program materials, please click here.

6/22/07 - “The Job Hunt as a Corporate Merger, Part II: How to Hit the Ground Running Without Breaking a Leg -- On Your Way to the Finish Line!” - Part I of this two-part career development luncheon seminar (held on March 16th) focused on what we called the due diligence of the job hunt and hiring process, namely tips for writing effective cover letters and resumes and suggestions for how to interview better. In this Part II, we will pick up from where we left off…You’ve accepted an in-house counsel job offer, and you start your first day at the company next Monday morning. What should you be thinking about before your first day? What information do you already know about your new employer? What other information should you be learning? What happens one month, six months, or a year into this job come performance review time, or if unfortunately, things should go sour? In this session, members of an attorney search management firm/career consulting agency will share their experiences from both the candidate and the hiring company’s points of view. An executive coach will discuss building your personal brand, including managing appropriate visibility, communication power in the organization, success metrics, and other important factors to consider, whether you are starting a new job, are looking to improve in your current role, or grooming yourself for your next career step. Another executive coach, who is also a licensed clinical psychologist with training in organizational behavior, will focus on accurate self-assessment, understanding and influencing others (from your boss to your co-workers to your business clients), organizational climate, and how this all interacts with real-life examples of conflict situations that some of you may have experienced (or may experience in the future) while serving as in-house counsel. Finally, the “critically acclaimed” general counsel of a leading technology company will share his thoughts, expectations, and experiences regarding all of these topics (and maybe more!). For further information on this program and program materials, please click here.

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