San Diego Chapter

Don't have time to attend Chapter events? Don't worry, the San Diego Chapter understands! Each month, we will post the educational materials from our monthly CLE programs, so you can get a taste of what you missed.


Building Your IP to Protect Your Business & The Role of Science and Technology in Defending Your Business from Legal Threats

Navigating New FAA Rules - Opportunities and Challenges for Unmanned Aircraft

Liability Insurance - Top Ten Facts Every In-House Counsel Should Know

Trolls, Cybersquatters, Copycats and Compliance – What’s an In-House Generalist to do? Reacting to the Latest IP Rulings. (Part 1 of a 2 Part Series)

California Wage and Hour Update

Update on Personal Jurisdiction Over Corporations

The California Employer's Top Areas On Which To Focus

From Speculation to Certainty - Navigating Disparate Data for Your Path to Discovery Nirvana

Trademarks, Competitive Advertising, and AdWords – An Added Value, Liability, or Unnecessary Complexity for Your Brand?

Recent Trends and Developments in Securities Litigation

See you Two Weeks from Never - Accommodations and the Interactive Process

Upcoming Changes to Business Immigration Law and Policy

Drafting Contracts in the Digital Age

Privacy and Data Security - Drivers of Corporate Success and Business Value

The Future is Now: Self-Driving Vehicles...and the Law

San Diego Employers' "Watch List" 2017
GC RoundTable on Ethics (All Day MCLE 2017)
Staffing, Salary and Spends in In-House Legal Departments (All Day MCLE 2017)
Internet of Things (All Day MCLE 2017)

Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society (All Day MCLE 2017)

Man vs Machine vs Money (All Day MCLE 2017)

Contracts Disputes Winning from the Beginning (All Day MCLE 2017)

Recent Developments in Patent Law (All Day MCLE 2017)

Addiction and Evolution - Implications for Self-care and Communication (All Day MCLE 2017)

Back to (mostly patent) Basics

Employee, Intern, or Independent Contractor – Avoiding Common Misclassification Mistakes

Effective Discovery Management: Ensuring Legal Departments Add Business Value

Ethical Issues Facing Corporate Counsel - Best Practices and Solutions

Lessons from Unicorns - Legal Issues With $1B+ Pre-Public Companies

Trade Secrets - More Valuable Than Patents?

Wage and Hour Essentials - How to Avoid Common Pitfalls and Workplace Class Action Litigation

The "Duty to Defend - Don't Be Short Changed!

Corporate Cybersecurity Preparedness - Pragmatic Advice to Help In House Counsel Proactively Mitigate Risks

Navigating the "Bermuda Triangle" of Protected Leaves of Absence

Attorney-Client Privilege: Unique Challenges In-House Counsel Face In Preserving Privilege

2015 Trends in the Legal Profession

Global Immigration Compliance - Navigating the Global Immigration Landscape

Tech Transfer Agreements - Negotiating with the Government & Academics

In-house Counsel Management and Form Agreement Development

International Anti-Corruption Regulatory Trends And How To Prepare For Increased Foreign Enforcement

What Every In House Counsel Needs to Know About Immigration Compliance

General Counsel Roundtable (All Day MCLE 2015)

Cybersecurity and Privacy - Reducing Your Company's Legal Risk (All Day MCLE 2015)

Implicit Bias in the Legal Profession (All Day MCLE 2015)

Maximizing Your In-House Effectiveness (All Day MCLE 2015)

Trade Secrets - Overview, Protection and Litigation (All Day MCLE 2015)

Keeping Arbitration Under Control (All Day MCLE 2015)

Recent Developments in Patent Law From the Supreme Court (All Day MCLE 2015)

Addiction and Evolution - Implications for Self-care and Communication (All Day MCLE 2015)

It's Not Just about Winning, It's Also About How You Play the Game - How Recent Trends Are Impacting Litigation Strategy

Advanced Contract Negotiations - Avoiding Traps for the Unwary

Social-Media Advertising: The LegalChallenges of Marketing in a#HASHTAG World

The Effective Utilization of Paralegals in Corporate Legal Departments - Paralegal Institute 2014

Trial Preparation  Collaborating with Outside Counsel Under Pressure - Paralegal Institute 2014

Ethical Use of Evidence Derived from Multiple Social Media Outlets - Paralegal Institute 2014

Paralegal by Day and eDiscovery Manager by Night - Paralegal Institute 2014

Social Media Survival Guide - Hiring and Firing in the Era of Social Media

Insurance Coverage "Land Mines" and "Gold Mines"

Effectively Managing Wage and Hour Class Actions

Keeping Your Compliance Program Compliant - Navigating the Complex Challenges in Cross-Border Compliance Activities

Dealing With a Company Crisis: Are You Prepared For the Inevitable Attack?

You Have Exempt Employees But Can You Really Prove They Are Exempt In Court?

Employment Arbitration Agreements Post Ikanian

The Ethics of Social Media

Managing Risks in B2B Contracts

Protecting Biotechnology and Software Inventions in a Patent Hostile World - The New Patent Eligibility Requirements

Attracting and Retaining Global Talent Through a Green Card Program (Permanent Resident Status)

The Fine Print Matters – Boilerplate Contract Clauses through the Litigator's Lens

Risk Allocation in Commercial Contracts - Everything You Really Need to Know About Representations and Warranties, Indemnities and Liability Caps

General Counsel Roundtable on Ethics (All Day MCLE 2014)

Man v. Machine: The Benefits and Perils of Automated E-discovery (All Day MCLE 2014)

Emerging Privacy and Cybersecurity Issues (All Day MCLE 2014)

Implicit Bias in the Legal Profession (All Day MCLE 2014)

How to Be Effective in Arbitration: A Practical Guide for In-House Counsel (All Day MCLE 2014)

PTO Trials: What Have We Learned? (All Day MCLE 2014)

Keep Calm and Collect On (All Day MCLE 2014)

Contract Disputes: Winning from the Beginning (All Day MCLE 2014)

Substance Abuse (All Day MCLE 2014)

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