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The Domino Effect: The Shift Towards Prevention in Legal Risk Assessment and Management

By Patrick Ambrose

Legal risks can have a domino effect — financial failure in one institution may trigger others. The Basel Accords are banking laws recommended to regulators as a way to create a globally harmonious approach to financial and operational risk.

The Pursuit of Work-Life Balance: Where Did the Gen-Xers Go?

By Laurie Adamson

Anticipating caregiving or familial responsibilities is a reality for many in-house counsel in Generation X, regardless of their tenure. For these lawyers, whether or not flexibility is achievable in their current role impacts their decision to leave or stay.


Corporate Resilience: Managing Third-Party Risks

By Zafar I. Anjum

The most effective third-party partnerships involve a multi-tiered risk management process that begins at the company level well before any outside provider ever enters into the organization’s business model.


Summary Judgment: Anti-corruption Actions


Are you prepared to ensure that your company does not end up in the front page news?

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