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Behind the Great Firewall of eDiscovery in Asia

By Rob Hellewell and Michelle Mattei

Although the Asia-Pacific region has yet to implement a standardized process for conducting ediscovery, most Asian countries have blocking statutes or privacy laws that restrict the transfer of personal data — generally defined as any data that can identify an individual — outside their borders.

Cloud Computing in Today's Risky World

By Neal S. Dongre

No longer viewed as just a trend, cloud computing is quickly becoming an essential element of companies' information technology infrastructure. No matter the industry of her employer, the in-house lawyer is likely to be faced with negotiating a cloud services deal. This brief article will focus specifically on the data-related risks attendant to cloud services transactions and will offer tips for addressing them.


The Challenges of Electronic Signature Implementations

By Dan Puterbaugh

Electronic signatures have been legal and enforceable in the United States since the passage of the ESIGN Act in 2000. Electronic signatures provide an enormous opportunity for in-house counsel to facilitate speed, efficiency, and reliability in the contracting process, yet some unease appears to prevent really robust adoption. Let’s take a look at why that might be.


Using Old Tech to Get New Tech Patents

By Michael Moore and Dan Ovanezian

Your company just invested to get an application on Track One prioritized examination. However, the Track One prioritized program does not guarantee an applicant to get an allowance. What else can an applicant do to facilitate the allowance of their patent application? Read this article to find out.

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