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Managing Employees in a Divided Nation

By Tom Calendar, Ilene W. Berman, Scott M. Porter and Sedric D. Bailey

Within the United States, physical markers like road signs and flags often distinguish state borders. Still, the less obvious dividing lines that separate states have the deepest impact.

Understanding the NIST's Proposal for Reducing Cyber Risk

By Lisa LaForge

In an effort to protect businesses and their customers from cyber attacks, President Obama tasked the National Institute of Standards and Technology with creating a framework to shield critical infrastructure from such threats. Learn more about the framework and how it affects your role as in-house counsel.


How to Save a Ton of Money in Legal Fees

By Alex Gertsburg

Face it: As in-house counsel, you're going to spend money on legal fees. This article provides a few suggestions on how you can get the most from your outside counsel without breaking the bank.


Investing in Africa: Understanding the Local Business Landscape From the Ground Up

By Ian Stoodley, Pat Rich and Paige B. Navarro

At a recent "Investing in Africa Symposia," held in London, and jointly organized by Association of Corporate Counsel and Lex Mundi, corporate counsel spoke about the importance of building dedicated African expertise as their businesses expand into and across the continent. Continue reading to find out more.

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