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Canadian Supreme Court Ushers in New Era of Constitutional Protection for Labour Rights

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Cybersecurity – Emerging Trends and Regulatory Guidance

By Fernanda Schmid, Robert B. Hubbell, Nathan D. Taylor and Daniel A. Nathan

Cyberthreats cannot be eradicated, but they can be managed. Every in-house counsel should be able to answer the following questions: What should my company do to prepare for a data breach, and how can I help?

Doing It Better: A Member of Disney’s Legal Team Discusses Knowledge Management


Different businesses have different legal needs. The clothing company’s legal necessities differ in kind, not just degree, from the video game company, the hotel company, the toy company or the movie studio. But, as in the case of The Walt Disney Company, substantially distinct businesses may all be part of the same corporate family. A legal department like Disney’s must therefore overcome not only the challenges of scale but also the challenges of scope.


7-Eleven’s Law Convergence Program: Part II

By Lillian Moyano Yob

In the course of only four months, the 7-Eleven convergence team worked with the entire department to identify selection criteria that align with their core values, devised and calibrated a relationship survey by sending it to a test group, and launched the survey en masse to the group of almost 90 firms that made the first cut. Read this entry to learn how they developed the selection process.


When We Say “Work-Life Balance,” What Do We Really Mean?

By Laurie Adamson

Work-life balance is a ubiquitous, buzzword term — its meaning obfuscated by its over-use. At its core, the term describes a work environment that values employees, one that encourage workers to avoid commutes that create stress and strain and instead, foster the connection and peace that comes from spending time with family and friends, and engaging in leisure activities.

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