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The Chief Opportunity Counsel — How to Increase Your Value Through Participation in Strategic Business Conversations

By Charles H. Veigel

The barrier to the boardroom can be surmounted. After all, active participation in strategic business conversations is what general counsel enjoy most about their work.

Conducting Enhanced Due Diligence Investigations in China

By Dennis Haist, Weining Zou and Caroline Lee

With increased regulatory scrutiny by US and Chinese authorities, and sustained effort by the Chinese government to stamp out public corruption, companies can no longer view conducting third-party due diligence as an avoidable cost. Risk-based due diligence is no longer an optional “nice to have” for companies that plan to conduct business in China.


Just a Game? The USPTO Cracks Down on Disparaging Trademarks

By Alex Winsberg

In a recent, well publicized ruling, the United States Patent and Trademark (USPTO) Trial and Appeal Board cancelled the Washington Redskins trademark, under the provision of federal law that does not permit registration of trademarks that “may disparage” individuals or groups. Learn how this may affect you, as in-house counsel.


How Hobby Lobby Affects In-house Counsel

By Michael C. Brody

On June 30, the US Supreme Court issued its long-awaited decision in the case of Burnwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., 2014 US LEXIS 4505 (June 30, 2014), and the ramifications for in-house counsel in the health care arena are likely to be significant.

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