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Washington, DC Office


Moustafa Abdel-Kader
Associate Director of Marketing
 x323 abdel-kader
Rosemarie Abraham
Chapter Specialist
 x345 r.abraham
Tiffani Alexander
Director and Editor in Chief
 x359 alexander
Joseph Ayanian
Program Development Coordinator
 x392 j.ayanian


Charla Bason
Director of Program Operations
 x350 bason
Erin Berkowitz
Legal Resources Coordinator
 x309 e.berkowitz
Lee Betancourt
Senior Director PR & Communications
 x373 betancourt
Holly Blackett
Chapters Assistant
 x394 h.blackett
Mary Blatch
Director of Public Policy and Advocacy
 x383 m.blatch
David Breffitt
Senior IT Manager
 x353 breffitt
Kevin Buck
Chief Operating Officer
 x313 buck
Jinna Bulava
Director of Corporate Membership
 x379 j.bulava


Catalina Castro
Corporate Membership Coordinator
 x332 j.castro
Jennifer Chen
Director of the ACC Foundation
 x358 j.chen
Dilip Chhetri
Director of Information Technology
 x305 d.chhetri
David Chu
Director of Membership Development
 x380 d.chu
Lisa Claydon
Director of Membership Marketing
 x363 l.claydon
Michelle Collins
Marketing Specialist
 x317 m.collins
Justin Connor
Director of CLO and Stakeholder Engagement
 x393 j.connor
Laura Cox
Program Development Specialist
 x390 l.cox


Tim Delaney
Chief Marketing Officer
 x311 t.delaney


Pamela Entsminger
Program Development Specialist
 x385 p.entsminger
Dominique Evans
Membership Manager
 x349 evans


KJ Forest
Director of Networks
 x320 k.forest
Karmen Fox
Web Content Editor, Docket
 x318 k.fox
Regina Freitas
Senior Manager & Assistant General Counsel
 x371  rfreitas


Blake Garcia
Research Associate
 x356 b.garcia
Ashley Greis
Program Operations Specialist
 x340 a.greis
Robin Grossfeld
Senior Vice President & Chief Global Membership Officer
 x330 grossfeld


Shae Harrold
Executive Assistant to Veta Richardson, Jim Merklinger and Board Liaison
 x335 harrold
Linda Henderson
Program Operations Specialist
 x310 henderson


Nikita Jain
Design Coordinator
 x338 n.jain
Stephanie Johnson
Manager, Public Policy and Advocacy
 x341 s.johnson
Linda Jones
Administrative Assistant
 x395 l.jones
Lucy Jones
Director of Business Development
 x324 jones
Dennis Junius
Research Analyst
 x397 d.junius


Joanna Kahvedjian
LSM Assistant
 x376 j.kahvedjian


Sean Malone
Director of Web Services
 x306 malone
Derede McAlpin
Vice President and Chief Communications Officer
 x384 mcalpin
Susanna McDonald
Deputy General Counsel & AVP, Technology Governance and Compliance
 x342 mcdonald
Brendan McGowan
International Membership Specialist
 x308 b.mcgowan
Dorene McKelvy
Manager, Legal Management Services
 x386 d.mckelvy
Michael Metz
Marketing Communications Manager
 x322 m.metz
Jim Merklinger
President, ACC Credentialing Institute
 x326 merklinger
Irene Meroka
Networks Manager
 x321 i.meroka
Sara Miller
Senior Director of Membership Operations
 x357 s.miller
Victor Morales
Manager of Online Program Development
 x369 morales
Maritza Moreno
Associate Director of Administration and Human Resources
 x367 m.moreno
Ariel Moyer
Chapter Director
 x370 a.moyer
Catherine Moynihan
Associate VP of Legal Management Services
 x398 moynihan
Jane Myers
Communications Manager
 x316 myers
Robin Myers
Director of Research
 x396 r.myers


Amara Nwannunu
Project Manager, Strategic Partnerships
 x355 a.nwannunu


Rachel Okolski
Associate General Counsel & Director of Program Development
 x361 okolski
Juan Ortiz
IT Services Manager
 x347 ortiz


Tori Payne
Associate Vice President for Leadership Development
 x337 payne


Sarah Reilly
Foundation Assistant
 x391 s.reilly
Veta Richardson
President & CEO
 x329 richardson
Christine Rogers
Membership Marketing Specialist
 x339 rogers
Aaron Rothman
Web Planning and Support Manager
 x327 rothman


Ramsey Saleeby
Assistant General Counsel and Sr. Manager of Program Development
 x424 r.saleeby
Navjot Sandhu
HR Manager
 x420 n.sandhu
Amar Sarwal
CLO and Senior VP of Advocacy & Legal Services
 x365 sarwal
Edward Sharrer
Senior Controller
 x312 e.sharrer
Joshua Shields
Associate Editor
 x366 j.shields
Rick Stolpner
Web Services Manager
 x377 stolpner
Matthew Sullivan
Editorial Coordinator
 x378 m.sullivan


LaToya Tapscott
Networks Manager
 x354 tapscott
Antje Teegler
Director of International Membership
 x388 teegler
Paul Thornton
Finance Coordinator
 x300 p.thornton
Allysun Trifunovic
Associate Director of Program Operations
 x399 trifunovic
Patricia Trudeau
Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer
 x328 trudeau


Sherwin Valerio
Chapter Manager
 x389 s.valerio


J.D. White
Associate Director of Advocacy & Public Policy
 x334 white
Zyla White
Membership Assistant
 x387 z.white
Samantha Wolfe
Assistant to Patricia Trudeau
 x303 wolfe
Debra Woodfork
Production and Design Manager
 x331 woodfork


Sheng Zhao
Web Coordinator
 x344 zhao

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