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Moustafa W. Abdel-Kader, Senior Marketing Manager
Phone: + x323 | Email: abdel-kader

Rosemarie Abraham, Chapter Coordinator
Phone: + x345 | Email: r.abraham

Wendy Ackerman, Director of Judicial Advocacy
Phone: + x450 | Email: w.ackerman

Tiffani Alexander, Director & Editor in Chief
Phone: + x359 | Email: alexander

Allison Ball, Director of Membership Development and Chapters
Phone: + x318 | Email: a.ball

Charla Bason, Associate Director of Program Operations
Phone: + x350 | Email: bason

Lee Betancourt, Director of Communications and Public Relations
Phone: + x 373 | Email: betancourt

Mary Blatch, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs
Phone: + x383 | Email: m.blatch

Danielle Boshart, Senior Director of Membership Operations
Phone: + x307 | Email: boshart

David Breffitt, Senior IT Manager
Phone: + x353 | Email: breffitt

Kevin Buck, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Phone: + x313 | Email: buck

Jinna P. Bulava, Director of Large Law Programs and Associate General Counsel
Phone: + x379 | Email: j.bulava

Nicolas Carter, Editorial Coordinator
Phone: + x378 | Email: n.carter

Catalina Castro, Large Law Coordinator
Phone: + x332 | Email: j.castro

Jennifer Chen, Director of the ACC Foundation
Phone: + x358 | Email: j.chen

Alexandra Clarke, Design Coordinator
Phone: + x364 | Email: wesley

Michelle A. Collins, Marketing Specialist
Phone: + x317 | Email: m.collins

Justin Connor, Director of CLO Services
Phone: + x393 | Email: j.connor

Stephanie X. Da, Assistant General Counsel
Phone: + x314 | Email: s.da

Marthea Davis, Public Relations Manager
Phone: + x363 | Email: davis

Lars DeSalvio, Director of Information Technology
Phone: + x305 | Email: l.desalvio

Pamela Entsminger, Legal Strategies Specialist
Phone: + x385 | Email: p.entsminger

Dominique Evans, Membership Manager
Phone: + x349 | Email: evans

Regina B. Freitas, Assistant General Counsel
Phone: + x371 | Email: r.freitas

David (Hao) Fu, Manager of International Membership Development
Phone: + x382 | Email: h.fu

Ashley Greis, Program Operations Coordinator
Phone: + x340 | Email: a.greis

Robin Grossfeld, Senior Vice President and Chief Global Membership Officer
Phone: + x330 | Email: grossfeld

Makda Haileab, Finance Coordinator
Phone: + x301 | Email: m.haileab

LaShae Harrold, Executive Assistant and Board Liaison
Phone: + x335 | Email: harrold

Linda Henderson, Program Operations Coordinator
Phone: + x310 | Email: henderson

Lucy Jones, Director of Business Development
Phone: + x324 | Email: jones

Dennis Junius, Research Analyst
Phone: + x397 | Email: d.junius

Linda Kelly, Administrative Assistant
Phone: + x395 | Email: l.kelly

Tanya Khan, Vice President and Managing Director, Australia and Asia Pacific
Phone + x441 | Email: t.khan

Micaela La Nauze, Membership and Office Manager
Phone: + x443 | Email: m.lanauze

Emma Langoulant, Marketing and Member Services Manager
Phone: + x442 | Email: e.langoulant

Sean Malone, Director of Web Services
Phone: + x306 | Email: malone

Derede McAlpin, Vice President and Chief Communications Officer
Phone: + x384 | Email: mcalpin

Thomas McChesney, Director of Membership Marketing
Phone: + x370 | Email: t.mcchesney

Susanna McDonald, AGC and Senior Director of Compliance and Resources
Phone: + x342 | Email: mcdonald

Brendan McGowan, Membership Coordinator
Phone: + x308 | Email: b.mcgowan

Jim Merklinger, Vice President and Chief Legal Officer
Phone: + x326 | Email: merklinger

Stanislava Monova, Human Resources Coordinator
Phone: + x319 | Email: s.monova

Victor Morales, Legal Resources Manager
Phone: + x369 | Email: morales

Maritza Moreno, Associate Director of HR and Administration
Phone: + x367 | Email: m.moreno

Catherine Moynihan, Senior Director of Legal Management Services
Phone: + x398 | Email: moynihan

Jane Myers, Communications Manager
Phone: + x316 | Email: myers

Robin Myers, Director of Research
Phone: + x396 | Email: r.myers

Rachel Okolski, Assistant General Counsel and Managing Attorney
Phone: + x361 | Email: okolski

Juan Ortiz, IT Services Manager
Phone: + x347 | Email: ortiz

Tori Payne, Senior Director of Committees
Phone: + x337 | Email: payne

Jean-Baptiste Pessey, Assistant General Counsel
Phone: + x355 | Email: jb.pessey

Veta T. Richardson, President and CEO
Phone: + x329 | Email: richardson | Twitter: @VetaRichardson

Christine Rogers, Membership Marketing Coordinator
Phone: + x339 | Email: rogers

Aaron Rothman, Web Project Manager
Phone: + x327 | Email: rothman

Amar Sarwal, Vice President and Chief Legal Strategist
Phone: + x365 | Email: sarwal

Joshua Shields, Associate Editor
Phone: + x366 | Email: j.shields

Michaelle Shultz, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Phone: + x304 | Email: shultz

Rick Stolpner, Web Developer
Phone: + x377 | Email: stolpner

Rezhna Tannia, Legal Strategies Coordinator
Phone: + x390 | Email: tannia

LaToya Tapscott, Membership Coordinator
Phone: + x354 | Email: tapscott

Antje Teegler, Associate Director of International Membership
Phone: + x388 | Email: teegler

Brent Thomas, Web Governance/Analytics Manager
Phone: + x380 | Email: thomas

Mark Tiley, Systems Architect
Phone: + x320 | Email: m.tiley

Allysun Trifunovic, Program Operations Manager
Phone: + x399 | Email: trifunovic

Patricia Trudeau, Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: + x328 | Email: trudeau

Jennifer Tsang, Legal Resources Coordinator
Phone: + x309 | Email: j.tsang

Sherwin Valerio, Manager of Chapters
Phone: + x389 | Email: s.valerio

Julien Valliorgues, Assistant General Counsel and Managing Attorney
Phone: + x381 | Email: valliorgues

Elizabeth Wasden, Legal Resources Coordinator
Phone: + x392 | Email: e.wasden

Devin White, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: + x302 | Email: d.white

J.D. White, Senior Manager of Legal Strategies
Phone: + x334 | Email: white

Samantha Wolfe, Administrative Assistant
Phone: + x303 | Email: wolfe

Debra Woodfork, Production and Design Manager
Phone: + x331 | Email: woodfork

Sheng Zhao, Web Coordinator
Phone: + x344 | Email: zhao